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La Juana (LJ) Chambers Lawson

Owner and Principal Consultant

Mrs. La Juana (LJ) Chambers Lawson MPA, PMP, LSSGB, as seen in the O, The Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Voyage Dallas, is the Owner, CEO, and Principal Consultant of Tacit Growth (TGS) Strategies LLC, a nationally awarded and internationally recognized project management firm leading a portfolio of government contracts, nonprofit, public and private sector professional development training, and a plethora of projects in construction, grant and proposal management as well as Information Technology (IT). You may have come to know La Juana through her volunteer work as she has served as a Director on a number of high-profile nonprofit Boards, has served as an elected President and nonprofit Board Chair on more than one occasion, and mentors several nonprofit and for-profit founders of business ventures situated in and around San Antonio. La Juana is also a well-known educator who has taught Advanced Placement science courses in secondary school, Federal Government in community college, and Project Management, Grant Writing, and Strategic Planning for Nonprofits for undergraduate and graduate students at universities.

For as long as she can remember, La Juana has been on a mission to make a difference in her community through tacit growth. To her, sustainable change begins with self awareness and courage. Through her business, she works to systemically harness people power for success in life and profession through entrepid and culturally responsive leadership and management, actionable and data-oriented planning and goal setting, and an intentional commitment to leveraging information technology to bridge gaps and communities for a better tomorrow.

In her book, “Earned Value Formula Pocket Book and Guide”, La Juana endeavors to inspire others to make decisions that are based on evidence based best practices, lessons learned and strategic thinking. With each formula, she provides a relatable scenario and example to follow or improve upon on a case-by-case basis. La Juana is a firm believer that growth begins with understanding one’s agency. She is often asked to be a mentor or business coach so she does her best to give back and share what helps her drive her own success through volunteerism, writing articles, sharing thought provoking tweets, recording best practices and war stories through her podcast ‘Real Management Talk’, mentoring and other means of production that can be consumed for tacit growth, innovation and motivation.

Her favorite quote is:
“I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.” — Audre Lorde

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