TGS Organizational Values and Culture

Organizational Values

Honesty = At TGS, we operate with integrity first and foremost. Because we are integral in all that we do, we conduct business with ethics and principled leadership.

Trust = At TGS, we are a firm of conscious consultants and interns who work together to conduct buisness in a transformational, rather than transactional, manner in order to fulfill our vision statement with fidelity. We speak to one another with respect and divulge details and other information safely and with confidentiality.

Compassion = At TGS, we lead understanding that differences among people, with regard to their intellect, form and disposition, should be accepted and celebrated when and where feasible and necessary.

Empathy = At TGS, we bring our whole selves to work. In doing so we realize that honest vulnerability and confrontation have their place in growing us both personally and professionally.

Efficacy = At TGS, we are goal and results-oriented. We value human capital and focus our interactions with internal and external stakeholders. We ensure successful completion of projects carefully selected and developed in an iterative and effective manner.