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Tacit Growth Strategies (TGS) LLC is a project management firm dedicated to growing successful ideas, people and organizations by harnessing the incommensurable strength and power of tacit knowledge or understanding.

Tacit Growth Strategies (TGS) LLC holds the following certifications: 


About the Presenting Organization

Tacit Growth Strategies (TGS) LLC is a project management firm dedicated to harnessing people power for success in life and profession. TGS supports its vision by providing organizations support in:

(a) grants and proposal writing and management,

(b) project management and program design,

(c) business process design and infrastructure,

(d) artificial intelligence prototyping and deployment,

(e) professional development, coaching and/or training for grants and proposal writing, emotional intelligence and project management, and

(f) impact investing, special project fundraising campaigning/marketing and communications, 

(g) non-profit and small business certification and start-up coaching and support,

(h) non-profit board development and management, 

(i) project management audit and compliance. 

Workshops and Professional Development

TGS is presently hosting the following workshops online and in-person: 

Using Project Management to Write Competitive Grants and Proposals Workshop: Part One of Two

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Using Project Management to Write Competitive Grants and Proposals Workshop: Part Two of Two

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Using Project Management to Grow Your Business 

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Project Management: The What and The Why 

<offered at scattered sites for programs geared towards increasing interests in project management careers and professional skill-building for young adults and transitioning military service persons>

Referral Program

TGS takes great pleasure in serving its customers. As such, it is providing cash back and other in-kind perks for referrals. 

Refer seven (7) friends and/or organizations with their complete contact information (i.e. phone number and email will be verified by TGS) and receive $100 cash back for every five (5) referrals turned patrons. 

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At the helm of TGS is Mrs. La Juana (LJ) Chambers Lawson, MPA, PMP, LSSYB. LJ is a strategic project manager with nearly 15 years of experience in grants and proposal writing for a plethora of domestic and international grants. As seen in the O, The Oprah Magazine and Entrepreneur, LJ is the Owner and Principal Consultant of Tacit Growth Strategies (TGS), LLC , a project management firm that manages a portfolio of multi-million dollar projects in Real Estate, Non-Profit Board Development and Portfolio Management. LJ serves as Immediate Past President of the Alamo Project Management Institute (Alamo PMI). She also teaches Project Management at UIW.

With more than a decade of experience in diverse fund development, program management, international relations and consulting, it brings great pleasure to LJ to help individuals and organizations grow. With the help of her expansive network of business professionals throughout the globe, LJ guarantees desirable results and overall satisfaction. To learn more about how Tacit Growth Strategies (TGS) LLC can help you tap into boundless growth, review our services and send us a message to discuss all of the possibilities and gain access to our fee schedule.

Your Gains, Our Duty 
Let us help you magnify potential that is unrealized.

TGS can help grow your organization by providing any and/or all of the below listed services.

Services Offered

#GrowthMindsetTalks (an hour long recorded video featuring a special guest scaling brain-based learning with a global outlook)

  • LJ, Owner and Principal Consultant of TGS, got her inspiration for #GrowthMindsetTalks from reading Professor Carol Dweck’s book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. She holds that it is a must-read for those that consider themselves to be perpetual learners, agilist and creatives. LJ is very intentional about accessibility, inclusiveness and equity in all spaces occupied by humans. No matter the place or space, openly sharing information, collaborating, innovating, seeking feedback and admitting our faults are all revolutionary acts that democratize our perspectives and engage people on substantive levels that have the ability to change lives and change the world. The first episode of #GrowthMindsetTalks was hosted on the firm’s Facebook page via live stream with more than 100,000 views in just 1 hour. The episode featured Bol Gai Deng — friend, brother and future President of South Sudan. Watch the video on TGS’s YouTube Channel here.

Grants Writing and Grants Management (to include Grantmaking, Research, Development and Management)

  • The TGS Team is a part of a network of philanthropic organizations, grantmakers and financiers that can help provide your organization the growth that you desire and fast. Also, the TGS team is happy to share with you our expertise in how to prepare a competitive grant application. Contact us here if you are interested in our grants writing courses. We prepare customized online and/or face-to-face grants writing courses and webinars for groups.
  • The TGS Team has experience in securing, administering and managing the following types of grants: NIH, NSF, DOE, DOC, DVA, HUD, DOI, private and other public sources. 

Project Management and Program Design (e.g. Start-Up Business Planning and Implementation, Business Process Re-Engineering and Management, Political Strategies, Communications and Risk Management)

  • The TGS Team has more than 10 years experience in realizing dreams with technical strategies for planning for success and maximizing organizational growth with cost-benefit analyses, TOWS/SWOT matrix hypothesis testing, workflow visualization (“kanban-ing”), and more to ensure process improvement and lean operations with efficient and effective project management. We prepare business cases and source angel investors who can manage your business with growth-minded fidelity.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Prototyping (with a twist in Emotional Intelligence)

  • The TGS Team can streamline processes and transform their potential with an evolved schema of tacit knowledge workflow visualization and standardization. With advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, the need to capitalize on your emotional intelligence is more pronounced now than ever before. Contact the team today at to learn of upcoming presentations and/or speaking events germane to Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, Emotional Intelligence and Thriving in Business in the Digital Divide.

Proposal Writing, Professional Development Coaching and Training (e.g. Technical Writing, Speaking and Workshop Facilitation)

  • The TGS Team is composed of experienced proposal and grant writers that are available for consult, professional development, coaching and guidance to execute plans for any Request For Proposal (RFP), Request for Application (RFA), Request for Information (RFI) or similar forms for the advancement and benefit of your organization. The TGS Team can also provide professional development for grant administrators, project managers, coordinators and other grant personnel to refresh understanding of budgeting, GAAP, allowable costs, time and attendance documentation, match, documenting in-kind and grant management.
  • #GrowthMindset Professional Development Workshops are available for public and private facilitation at a location near you. Contact the TGS team and follow the firm on social media to stay up-to-date on scheduled workshops.

Impact Investment, Special Project Fundraising/Campaigning, Marketing and Communications (e.g. Philanthropic Giving Campaigning and Goal-Setting)

  • The TGS Team has established community planning and sustainability partnerships throughout the globe and can provide board training, strategic planning orientation and coaching to grow programs in a fiscally and culturally competent manner for optimal organizational performance and stakeholder engagement. The TGS Team has superior marketing and communications experience. Contact us with your needs and let us get to work on the resolution(s).


The TGS Team is ready, willing and able; contact any member of our team to get started on realizing your potential today:

The TGS Team

Mrs. La Juana Chambers Lawson, MPA, PMP, LSSYB, Owner, Founder and Principal Consultant,

Ms. Jennifer Simmons, Creative Consultant.

Email: OR 


Phone: +1(210) 904-0457, call and/or text enabled.

Physical Mailing Address: Tacit Growth Strategies (TGS), LLC

2014 S. Hackberry St. 

San Antonio, TX 78210

Attention: Mrs. La Juana Chambers Lawson, Owner and Principal Consultant

Interested in learning more about TGS? Request the firm’s autograph on any one of its features in VoyageDallas, HeartFire Media, the O, The Oprah Magazine and/or Entrepreneur Magazine. TGS’s industry-disruptive business case is available upon reasonable request and for a nominal fee here.

NAICS: 541611, 611430, 541990, 541690, 541618. 


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