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Tacit Growth Strategies, LLC is a leading project management firm that functions as a consultative and/or supportive Project Management Office (PMO) for executives and organizations throughout the world. We help US-based firms export their products and professional services into global markets, work more effectively and efficiently with digital solutions, and manage projects through and to success no matter the industry or geographic location.

We serve a robust portfolio of mostly micro and small-cap firms in the education, healthcare, and information technology sectors, to include a host of contracts with government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

As a global PMO, we pride ourselves on being diverse and inclusive. We also pride ourselves on planning, implementing, monitoring, and closing projects that incorporate strong tactical and social impact best practices and industry standards.

Our mission is to strategically grow a network of better business throughout the world.

Our values are Trust, Compassion, Empathy, Efficacy, Growth.

Master Grant Writing: A Project Manager's Guide

by La Juana Chambers Lawson, edited/published by Christopher Herring and River Walk Publishing LLC.

This book endeavors to disentangle grant writing with real-life examples of what to do (as well as what not to do) as it relates to pursuing and writing grants. Available Now!

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Professional development

We offer classes that qualify for global certification. We always facilitate networking, lunch and learn sessions. Follow us on social media and be sure to participate as an attendee, sponsor or partner!


Let us help guide you through the process of selecting and applying for grants or proposals. With our expertise, we make the daunting task seem like just another day at the office. We will give you the tools to grow your organization the way you see fit.

Strategic Planning

We will help review where you are and provide the necessary resources and tools for project success with agile and lean project handling. Remember, the integrity of a business plan is in its execution and Agile SMART goal-setting. What you can’t see, we can. Read more here.

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La Juana Chambers Lawson

Owner & Principal Consultant

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Tacit Growth Strategies (TGS) LLC is a project management firm dedicated to growing successful ideas, people and organizations by harnessing the incommensurable strength and power of tacit knowledge or understanding.

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