Budget neutral solutions
that continually improve
and grow one's bottom-line

Are you an organizational leader responsible for raising funds in the form of grants? The Master Grant Writing with AI On A Budget subscription plan is designed to help you lead fundraising success with artificial intelligence (AI). Learn more and sign-up here.

Professional development

We offer classes that qualify for global certification. We always facilitate networking, lunch and learn sessions. Follow us on social media!


Let us help guide you through the process of selecting and applying for grants or proposals. With our expertise, we make the daunting task seem like just another day at the office. We will give you the tools to grow your organization the way you see fit.

Strategic Planning

We will help review where you are and provide the necessary resources and tools for project success with agile and lean project handling. Remember, the integrity of a business plan is in its execution and Agile SMART goal-setting. What you can’t see, we can. Read more here.

Project Management Office (PMO)

We will conduct a project management audit in order to ensure compliance, high performance, and satisfactory return on investment throughout the life of the contract. 

Grant Admin and Management

We will help ensure compliance through proper accounting, reporting and administration of a grant and/or proposal that you have been awarded.

Non-Profit Management

We will build a high performing Board for your non-profit by providing capacity building resources and tools that will lead to robust project success over its life-cycle.

Through our partner network the Women in Business Cluster (Virtual Industry Cluster) promoted by Global Council for Cluster Excellence and Research and Global Council for The Promotion of International Trade (GCPIT) in association with Tacit Growth Strategies, we inspire, encourage, and support organizational champions, where we connect and grow specialists irrespective of titles, industries, or geographic locations. Click here to learn more about this mentorship network. 

Contact Us

Tacit Growth Strategies (TGS) LLC is a project management firm dedicated to growing successful ideas, people and organizations by harnessing the incommensurable strength and power of tacit knowledge or understanding.

Tacit Growth Strategies, LLC

2400 McCullough Avenue #15435
San Antonio, TX 78212

Services FAQ

Can Tacit Growth Strategies support me in grant writing?

Virtually every private and public organization, to include nonprofit charities and foundations, have to write proposals in order to secure funding from a diverse array of funding sources. While Tacit Growth Strategies (TGS) can assist with: identifying appropriate funding opportunities, grant and proposal writing, implementation support, compliance monitoring, programmatic & financial reporting and project close-out, an initial consultation is advised in order to determine fit and acceptance. Visit https://growthistacit.com/book-a-consultation/ to book an initial consultation free of charge. 

I’m a micro/small business/start-up, am I an eligible client for TGS services?

Microbusinesses are firms with 1-9 employees. Most microbusinesses are more than five (5) years old and are tremendously important to the growth of communities, cities, states, and nations. TGS is happy to support your businesses regardless of its legal entity type, maturity, industry or geographic location. Our clients are vetted for fit and suitability to ensure that working together will yield reciprocal benefits and value. Visit https://growthistacit.com/book-a-consultation/ to book an initial consultation free of charge. 

I’m leading a small committee in a community based project, apart from my employer. Can we hire TGS?

Yes, as a matter of fact, this is commonplace for members of our Global Intrapreneur Network. As part of a clear impact investment strategy, our global intrapreneurs find investors, subject matter experts, coaches, consultants, and other vendors to support their projects internal and/or external to their work organizations. TGS helps to ensure strategic fit and prevents any potential conflicts or inconsistent policies or practices for your project. A general consultation will help to determine how TGS may be of support. Visit https://growthistacit.com/book-a-consultation/ to book an initial consultation free of charge. 

What is impact investing?

Tacit Growth Strategies is an impact investment firm meaning we seek to support projects that yield beneficial social & environmental outcomes, in addition to generating financial returns.

How does TGS measure impact?

As part of its burgeoning corporate impact think tank initiative, Tacit Growth Strategies gathers data and co-creates impact metrics with performance-tracking frameworks like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

How do I book TGS staff for speaking engagements or podcast appearances?

Our CEO & Founder, Mrs. La Juana Chambers Lawson, also referred to as Professor Chambers Lawson, has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes, VoyageDallas, and countless other publications. Send event blurb, purpose & correlating marketing drafts to  pmo@growthistacit.com with ceo@growthistacit.com on copy for expedient review and response. 

I’m interested in Project Management. Where should I start?

Wonderful! Project Management is an excellent career choice for intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs alike. TGS offers Managing Projects: Practicing the Fundamentals as an introduction to participants interested in learning more about Project Management as an evolving discipline. This workshop also serves as an Introduction to the Project Management lexicon from the leadership of our very own “PMO CEO” at Tacit Growth Strategies. Visit the ‘Training’ tab on our website to learn more about this 2-hours long workshop.
TGS offers custom project management training to nonprofit and for-profit organizations, to include schools and government agencies, for practitioners and professionals interested in topics spanning scope management, time/schedule management, procurement management (i.e. understanding contract types and how to invest with impact-first, accelerating business growth with community-focused supply chain management), quality management (i.e. grant project compliance, monitoring and evaluation best practices, revenue generation and retention lessons learned), human resource management (i.e. forming high-performing teams, creating and evaluating mentoring programs, affinity grouping effectiveness and efficacy, etc.), and more! 
I’m an employer and want to provide my employees, particularly my specialists, an opportunity to grow as professionals. Can TGS offer coaching or mentorship or support to my employees?
Absolutely! At Tacit Growth Strategies, we are in the business of giving back.
Through our faculty members at The Global Intrapreneur Network, we inspire, encourage, and support organizational champions, where we connect specialists irrespective of titles, industries, or geographic locations. Visit our website at https://growthistacit.com/ to learn more, become a member, and/or faculty impact leader or presenter of The Global Intrapreneur Network powered by Tacit Growth Strategies.

What is a Project Management Office (PMO)?

Tacit Growth Strategies provides PMO resources and services, to include professional development and custom training opportunities that get working professionals certified and keep them certified.

As a PMO, we:

  • create, update and provide templates, SOPs, administrative handbooks and guides, policies and procedures,
  • coach project team leaders to and through success on their projects,
  • serve as a trusted silo-busting organizational knowledge manager,
    provide oversight of projects, programs, and portfolios,
  • provide editing, data analysis, and industry-informed research,
  • serve as an insurance policy for organizations leading projects that need external champions to increase their likelihood of success

Do you need a PMO?

Visit Tacit Growth Strategies online at https://growthistacit.com/ and give us a call at +1 210-904-0457 to get started!