Become a Global Intrapreneur

What is the Global Intrapreneur Network?

The Global Intrapraneur Network powered by Tacit Growth Strategies, also referred to as the TGS-GIN, is where purpose and passion collide to disrupt entire industries through the mastery of hard and soft skills. 

Unlike the disengaged or unmotivated employee, the Global Intrapreneur has the talent and the passion necessary to lead and manage projects to and through success no matter the industry or geographic location.  

The Global Intrapreneur Network (TGS-GIN) is an offshoot of the TGS-IBLN, previously referred to as the Tacit Growth Strategies International Business Leaders Network, a network of minority-owned business enterprises ready to export their professional services or products into the global marketplace. As of April 8, 2021, the Global Intrapreneur Network was established as a centralized resource for impact investing, training, and international business development consulting.

What's a Global Intrapreneur?

An intrapreneur is an engaged and intrinsically motivated employee. Intrapreneurs are driven to usher in abundance and sustainable growth for their team, organization, and community. They are perpetual learners and team players. Intrapreneurs cannot be replicated; they are uniquely called to serve and are an entrepreneur’s most valuable asset.

Membership Benefits

Join The Global Intrapreneur Network to belong to a borderless community of leaders who are growth-oriented, kind and transformational.