Impact Investing Evaluation Tool: Centering Equity, Freedom, and Self-Determination

Fannie Lou Hamer once said “if I have a pig and a garden, I know that I can live”.Β 

Impact investing is an opportunity for socially inclusive and environmentally conscious economic growth that incorporates forward-thinking procurement and contracting, sustainable job creation for constituents near and far, and governance that reflects the community that it serves and defers to them often for joint fact-finding, open access knowledge repositories, and enterprising new knowledge creation.Β 

This impact investing evaluation tool has been developed by Tacit Growth Strategies, uniquely created by its Founder & CEO Mrs. La Juana “The PMO CEO” Chambers Lawson, for the purpose of providing a commercial alternative to evaluating impact investments from the perspective of an often times non-traditional, non-accredited impact investor from an intentionally marginalized and underrepresented population. An accompanying dictionary of the terms within this evaluation tool are available for individuals who complete the registration to receive the PDF of the evaluation tool on this page. As the nomenclature germane to impact investing evolves to incorporate other perspectives of impact investors and their beneficiaries, this dictionary may serve as a reference and clarifying document.Β 

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