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Getting Funded & Staying Funded

We’re relaunching our grant writing and project management courses for audiences who are interested in getting funded and staying funded. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to re envision the business environment that surrounds seeking funding, securing it, and leveraging it for more. We are interested in better supporting decision makers and grant seekers who understand the ebb and flow of growth for teams and organizations.

This professional development opportunity will support capacity building, resiliency planning, and provide teams a place to level-set and regain momentum during these times of mired economic activity.

Getting Funded & Staying Funded will be available in a virtual format until further notice.

Topics will include the following:

  • How to build a project budget
  • How to build a project scope that is agile
  • How to manage internal and external stakeholders during a pandemic
  • Make or buy decision analysis and the Partner, Not Conquer Manifesto,

And more…


Marsha Stonehill
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This course [Getting Funded, Staying Funded] provides valuable insights that empower organizations to navigate their goals with precision. Excellent presentation and very useful information.


Marsha Stonehill, President | Dora A. Johnson, Treasurer | Melanie Ochs, Secretary
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